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Terms of Use

  1. We only delivered your ordered to your door step not inside in your Room/House.
  2. We don’t accept damage packaging product If you face any problem with any packaging products then you will take action against the branding company by law.
  3. If you think to return any product then you can do it on the delivery time.
  4. That before placing an order you will check the product description carefully. because We don’t replaced your mistaken orders.
  5. You can replace only loose product within 48 hours (one time for one billing).
  6. Packaging Charge from Rs.2/- to Rs.20/- apply when we need to hire from third party for your personal requirement. But don’t worry!! Most of the times it’ll be Rs.2/- to Rs.5/-.
  7. We have rights to decline your personal requirements.
  8. Delivery faculty:
    Our free delivery circle is 3km from kalyani station(on 1000/- billing)
    We don’t deliver less than Rs.200/- billing.
    After 3/km we charged 3 Rupees /km.
    Less than 1000/- billing we charged Rs. 10/-
    If you need delivery is your good time then it’ll be pay full(Exceptional our working hours 09:00am to 05:00pm )
  9. That in the event that a non-delivery occurs on account of a mistake by you (ex: wrong name, Address, phone number, or any other wrong information) any extra cost incorrect by VB for re-delivery shall be claimed from you
  10. Before we dispatch your shipment you must receive our confirmation call through us if you won’t response it, then your delivery will be delayed.

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